Clothing Exchange

At Find, you can bring in your gently used clothing, shoes and accessories for us to review. For items we think we can sell, we will offer you 30% of the value in cash, or 50% of the value in store credit. Please note: the value we assign to each item is the approximate value that we will price it at. This value is not up for negotiation.

We buy Monday - Thursday from 10am- 5pm, and Sunday from 11am- 5pm. We do not buy on Friday or Saturday. No appointment is necessary.

Please keep in mind that we are a small store and are very selective about our inventory. Our choices are dictated by season, condition, style and brand. Please do not bring in items that are damaged or have mold or animal hair on them.

You must present a driver's license or valid id to participate in the Clothing Exchange. This is for tax and documentation purposes only. Your information will not be shared with outside parties.

Thanks for participating in Find's Clothing Exchange!